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I asked for Amora half pound of coffee and received it for $1, but was charged $12.97 for shipping from One day after the time to postpone my second shipment from Amora I called and was charged $68.75 from Amora and received a charge of $12.97 from I called and they refunded the $25.94 and Amora refunded $59.80, but NOT THE $8.95 FOR SHIPPING. I SPOKE TO DANIAL FROM CONNECTICUT AND HER...
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Anonymous is a subscription service for online shopping.
No relation to amora coffee.

Amora coffee is the worst. I signed up for their trial period (1 bag for around $4 or so), understanding that it was a TRIAL period and would not continue unless I chose to do so. However, I received a shipment email a few weeks after my trial bag arrived saying a new bag had been shipped to me and my card had been charged. I immediately called to cancel, even saying they could keep the coffee. Since it had already shipped, they let me keep the...
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h.kitchener Your biggest mistake was in giving them authority to debit your bank account via, I presume a debit card. Bad move. Your second was in not thoroughly reading what the terms of...

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75 for *** coffee I didn't order. So I called and they said to send it back and we will give you your money back! It has been two *** weeks. So I called this morning and asked my I have not been refunded yet. All they had to say was " I'm sorry, give us 3 to 5 days and it will be back in your account" Um I've waited two weeks, I need my money because I have a late bill? And I need gas in my car! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! They are a scam and are...
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Anonymous I did not order another order of coffee from your company, nor would i for 67.00. I will be calling for a refund on MOnday, This is a complete scam and i'm pissed. Dont takd a...


jonimueller I think you're going to have to do what I've done, which is to contact your bank and cancel your debit card. That appears to be the only way to prevent further charges on you...

Not only that but I did not even receive the second shipment of coffee I apparently paid for. I was furious about the charge and called and said as much and asked to speak to a manager. To there credit (a small amount) they are giving me a full refund once they learned I didn't even get the coffee in the mail. Please don't trust this company, they are scammers. I am grateful for the refund but they can be sure I am never ordering from them...
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I have tried to contact Amore to no avail. I want them to stop them from taking money out of my checking account. This has been going on for nearly a year & I can't afford to give them any more money. I signed up for the trial & despire being charged anywhere from $66.75 to $75.00 per month since then I don't receive monthly shipments of coffee. My husband and I are both unemployed, due to recently shutting down our surveying business....
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Anonymous Take them to small claims court. Or start a class action case. These people are theives

the coffee is alittle more than the store but for me its well worth the money.i wrk 16hr days and my coffee is my 1 thing for my rewards to myself for all i do.but this coffee is better than starbucks.ect..n people will pay 8..10 dolkars for a cup of coffee..15.00 is well worth the price for product.its nothing like the store *** grateful i got my free sample.and glad im gonna be a future customer..instead of complaining returnthe...
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Anonymous I agree 100% with you. This is NOT a scam! Like with any agreement, ask questions, get answers and read the contract. Stop blaming a company for you not being smart enough t...


Anonymous I wonder if you keep Brown nosing you will get free gifts and coffee. I can't stand Brown nosers. Hahahaha