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I let a friend borrow my card for the $1 sample. There was no mention to him or in any of the packaging he received that they would start billing me $68.75 after that.

The first time I called customer service, I got a royal jerk who kept going on about my "attitude" because I wanted a refund and kept threatening to disconnect me, and threatening a fraud investigation. She put me on hold for thirty minutes.

I hung up, called back, got a woman who actually knew how to do her job, unlike the other one, and she said she could get me a refund of $58.75. Still waiting to see if it comes, and I may turn off the card in case Amora decides to restart the subscription without permission, again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amora Coffee Coffee Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Just received a call from one of the banks owned by my banking institute regarding possible fraud on the debit card. Called my bank to verify possible fraud.

They have denied payment of $67.58 to AMC Amora. I told them to keep denying this charge.

Did not know, nor was I told, that I was joining a club. Cancelling my "account" immediately.

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