The saying, "Let the Buyer BEWARE" seems Fitting! You could soon be charged $30 Plus, Per Pound If you don't read the "Fine Print" in their offer.

After ordering, their sample arrived in less than a week, a Half-Pound of the Elegante blend {which Amora describes as a $14.95 value} I tried my first cup today which was OK, it has a pleasant taste, but HARDLY worth paying more than $30+ @ Pound! Even "Kopi Luwak" the coffee gathered from Civet Cat droppings, rated the World's Most Expensive, can be found on the internet for about $20 per pound including shipping; Believe it or Not! Reading those negative Amora experiences, I was moved to call Well's Fargo -- having the credit card I used, to be aware of any future charges from Amora...other than the $1 that was agreed to. {despite negative reports against Wells Fargo, I've found the security provided their customers Very Good!} Their agent said he'd note my concerns on my account...just in case.

After sampling Amora, I called to cancel any future shipments of their 'OK' but Incredibly Expensive Coffee! So! If you Don't Call & Cancel before the 2 week test period Ends...mentioned in the 'Fine Print' -- Amora will be sending you 2 Pounds (4 - 8oz bags) & Charging Your credit card: $68.75!!

To me, with those overly charged Amora customers, their "Free" coffee deal seems kinda like Civet Cat Poop without the coffee beans! -BK 12/21/17

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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